Top 5 Sex Poses to Make Women Go Crazy For You

Sex Poses

Whether you’re new to dating or an old pro, you may be looking for tips for sex poses and how to make your women love you. In this article, you’ll discover a list of the top 5 seduction poses to make your woman go crazy for you.

Missionary position

If you’re looking for a sexy experience that will leave your partner in awe, try the missionary position. This position is simple to perform, but it also provides many options. You can use it to create different angles and get other sensations.

The goal of the missionary is to let your partner touch and feel your body. It’s a great way to bond and ensure you’re both comfortable.

One of the best things about this position is that you can adjust the penetration depth. For example, you can put a pillow under the butt to get deeper penetration. Another option is to wrap your arms around your partner’s waist. With this in place, you’ll be able to thrust your penis deep into her.

Another thing to remember is that you can change the position of your legs to get a different angle. Try rotating your hips to get a nice twist.

In addition, you can use your arms to hold your partner’s thighs. This allows you to thrust your penis deeper and enjoy the added benefits of a good clit rub.

To make the most out of the missionary, you should also pay attention to your partner’s body and discuss the options that work for them. Missionary sex can be fun and playful and a great way to engage in consensual domination.

If you want to have a more satisfying orgasm, make sure you get a good handle on oral sex. You can start with simple erotic bondage cuffs. Or, you can go a step further and learn a few fingering tricks.

Many women will be intrigued that you know all the little details and tricks. Even if you don’t master the entire process, you’ll at least appreciate what it is and what it can do. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Besides its many advantages, the missionary position is one of the most intimate positions you can get into. The fact that you’re close to her will give you a good feeling.

Inverted wheelbarrow

If you’ve been searching for a new and exciting sex position, you might want to consider the wheelbarrow. This sex position allows you to penetrate deeper and get better access to the G-spot. It also helps you add clitoral stimulation.

The wheelbarrow is a bit more complicated than other similar sex positions. But there are some sex tricks and techniques you can use to make this sex position work for you. Here are a few of them.

First, you must ensure you have enough strength and flexibility to perform this move. You’ll also need a good sense of balance. You can rest your legs against a wall or lean against a pillow to avoid falling.

Next, you’ll want to be smart about the angle you take. You can bend at the waist to achieve the best result or try the reverse cowgirl. Either way, you’ll need to be sure you keep your arms high enough to keep the penetrator from slipping through your fingers.

While it’s true that the wheelbarrow is a great sex position, there are a few things you should consider before putting it to work for you. For instance, do you have a sex partner that loves acrobatics?

Another consideration is whether or not the wheelbarrow is a safe sex position. As a general rule, you should always communicate with your partner about the risks associated with sex, especially regarding a new sex position. However, it’s also important to remember that the wheelbarrow is just one of many sex positions. Depending on the circumstances, you may be in for a surprise.

Overall, a wheelbarrow is a great sex move if you have the strength and flexibility to pull it off. It also requires teamwork from both partners, so be sure you can rely on each other to stay in the position. A cushion to rest on will prevent you from dropping the other person.

Finally, the wheelbarrow is a clever sex move that can help you trigger an orgasm. However, you’ll have to have the patience to keep going through the motions.

Turtle position

Some sex poses are considered the most exciting and arousing for women. Whether you’re looking for your next sex partner or looking for a way to produce your wife, take a look at these top 5 positions.

One of the most loved sex positions on the market is the thigh tide. This is a rear-entry, standing sex position that allows for excellent clitoral stimulation. Besides being a great sex position, it is also a good way to show off your strength.

Another option for self-stimulation during sex is the crunched turtle. This is another rear-entry sex position that is ideal for people who are overweight or curvy.

This sex position is a unique twist on the typical missionary position. It provides excellent clitoral stimulation and romantic eye contact. You can enjoy it in bed, on the couch, or anywhere else.

Aside from sex, this position is also ideal for intimate and romantic kissing. For a more comfortable experience, you can use a triangle pillow to prop up the person in the place.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best sex positions, check out Jordan Rullo, a certified sex therapist. He can help you know how to make your sex sessions an authentic experience for you and your partner. Whether you’re a seasoned sex lover or a novice, he can give you the knowledge you need to arouse the hearts of the women you care about.

The Trick & Treat position is another rear-entry sex option that requires your partner to roll backward. This is a rough and tiring sex position, but it can lead to a blissful orgasm.

Doggy Style is another popular sex position perfect for deep penetration or g-spot stimulation. You can perform this position on any sofa, bed, or swivel chair.

The missionary position is a very intimate sex position that lets your partner view your breasts. This position offers clitoral and deep penetration. To get the most out of this sex position, place a pillow under your hips and tilt your pelvis upwards.


One of the most common ways for two people to experience sex is to spoon. This intimate, hands-free cuddling style allows both partners to get close and release chemicals that ease pain and stress. It’s a great way to connect after a night of lovemaking and can enhance a couple’s bond.

Spooning can be a fun, relaxing way to have sex, but it can also affect your health. Studies have shown that it can decrease anxiety, promote relaxation, and release feel-good hormones like dopamine. In addition to its positive effect on the body, it can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and reduce the stress that can build up during the day.

The spooning position is a classic way to play, and many new couples have been introduced to it recently. It’s a versatile position that allows for easy access to the G-spot. With its asymmetrical relationship, the little spoon leans forward in a doggy-style position. In contrast, the big spoon lies in the opposite direction, giving both partners room to explore their bodies.

If you want a more intense orgasm, a more intimate connection, or you enjoy being closer to your partner, try spooning. There are various ways to do it, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your fill.

If you need help with how to go about spooning, a few strategies can help you achieve the best results. For example, if you’re worried about not being able to penetrate, you can throw your upper leg over your partner’s legs or cut down your range of motion. These changes can increase the penetration angle, making it easier for your partner to reach the G-spot.

Regardless of the position, spooning is a safe, intimate way to have sex. You can even choose not to do it if you’re not sure you’re ready. Please make sure you’re comfortable with your partner and know she likes intimacy.

Although spooning is an effective way to have sex, it can be challenging to stay in the position. Try experimenting with different places to find one that you enjoy.